Greek Language Lessons for adult foreigners

Greek Language Lessons for adult foreigners

We provide a high level of services in the field of learning the Greek language for foreigners.

Our language center responsibly undertakes the learning of the Greek language to foreigners, offering a unique and comprehensive language that is a necessary resource for all foreigners living and working in Greece.

Learn Greek the easy way

In Greece during the recent years, the increase in the number of those who are taught Greek as a foreign or second language is continuous. The Greek Language Certificate is addressed to foreigners and expatriates who want to work or stay in Greece for family reasons, to teachers, to students or to foreigners who want to learn Greek in order to get to know Greece and its culture better.

The official organization for the organization of the exams has been designated by the Ministry of Education, at the Greek Language Center (KEG)

Greek Language Lessons for foreigners in Larissa ;

The 1st choice for Greek Language Lessons in Larissa

Greek Language Lessons for adult foreigners

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